INFE Network: INFEvision Video Contest 2020 to be held on December 19 in Resita, Romania

INFE Network: INFEvision Video Contest 2020 to be held on December 19 in Resita, Romania

INFEvision 2020, the video contest held by the International Network of Fan Clubs of Eurovision (I.N.F.E) will take place this year in Resita, Romania on December 19, 2020.

Following Italy’s victory in INFEVision 2019 with Mahmood and his song “Barrio” , hosted  EuroContest.Cz, member of the INFE Network, this year the competition moves to Romania and the city of Resita, as the Eurovision Romania Community (ERC) running INFE Romania is set to offer us a spectacular presentation of INFEVision 2020. 

This year’s edition was launched in the first days of October with INFE Romania revealing the INFEvision 2020 slogan “Riding the Ages” . From that point all INFE clubs were given a period until end of October to confirm participation to the host country.  A  total of 19 countries around the globe will eventually be participating in this year’s contest, which is a new record number for the comeptition itself after last year’s 18 countries. Unfortunately Armenia and Azerbaijan decided to withdraw due to the war conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh ( Artsakh). 

119799014_1355648574640492_1613160820985065468_oThe coutries that we will in the upcoming edition are :

  1. Australia
  2. Belarus
  3. Czech Republic
  4. Cyprus
  5. Germany
  6. Greece
  7. Georgia 
  8. Hungary
  9. Mexico
  10. Moldova
  11. North Macedonia
  12. Poland
  13. Romania
  14. Slovakia
  15. Slovenia
  16. Turkey 
  17. Ukraine
  18. USA
  19. Venezuela

According to the regulations sent to all INFE clubs the participating countries had to submit their acts, songs and official videos of their entries no longer after October 25 given however an extension until 8 November due to the covid-19 extraordinary circumstances. All national clubs have the right to determine their representatives through a national selection process or internally or in any other format they choose. The videos of all participating countries will be start to be revealed on daily base from November 10.

The Grand final of the contest is scheduled to take place on December 19 and will be will be presented within the framework of a party with several Eurovision stars. Host Adrian Diaconescu will be transmitting the event live as a premiere from Reșița, with different Interval Acts making their way into the show!

More details on the whole process and the online voting the days to come!

Last year Mahmood ( Italy ESC 2019) won the compeition with his song ‘Barrio’ selected by the INFE Italy club internally. The Italian ESC 2019 2nd runner up didn’t miss out to thank the fans for this award:


The I.N.F.E.Vision video song contest is a video song contest held by the International Network of Fanclubs of Eurovision (I.N.F.E.) and takes place via the network. The first contest took place in 2011 and after a break of two years (2015-2016) came back in 2017 with Azerbaijan being the host country.
The right to participate in this contest have all member-clubs of the INFE network. Every local club can choose via an internal (open or closed) process an artist from its country and a song in the country’s language or English, alongside with the official video of the competing entry. The duration of the song must be less than 5’ and the production year has to be within the last two years. In the first two editions of the contest the participants were members of INFE that took part individually, by selecting a country from around the world, but due to the expansion of INFE and as more nations joined the Network it was decided to be organized among the clubs. However each year’s secondary terms may change according to the host country’s special rules but the general framework remains the same.

More details and the past host countries, winners and votings can be viewed at our official INFEvision Video Contest page on INFE’s international website

The International Network Fanclubs of Eurovision (I.N.F.E)

26907465_1808528285838066_6332525177299848933_nINFE (International Network of Fans of Eurovision) is one of the two international non profit organizations of Eurovision fans(the other is that of OGAE).  The INFE Network was established back in 2011 by a total then of 10 countries. After 9 years of national and international presence and interactive initiatives the club counts today more than 20 countries and an upgoing popularity as more nations are in progress to join. Greece, Azerbaijan, France, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, North Macedonia, Czech Republic, USA, Poland , Belarus, Ukraine, Germany, Hungary, Portugal, Armenia, Moldova, Italy, Russia, Australia,Venezuela, Mexico, and Tunisia have subscribed to our organization. INFE enjoys years now the ongoing support of EBU and national broadcasters in its only objective to spread the Eurovision spirit and values around the globe and share the common passion of its members for more and more Eurovision! Through its international site and its regional national clubs’ sites never stops updating fans on the latest news on the Eurovision Song Contest and other Eurovision events such as Junior Eurovision.

INFE wishes to embrace fan communities around the globe and welcome all nations on board. More information and details on our network can be shared by sending us an e mail to . Don’t forget to follow us on instagram and on Facebook for more news and updates on your favorite song contest.


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