INFE Poll 2020: Here are the votes from North Macedonia

INFE Poll 2020: Here are the votes from North Macedonia

Following the successful INFE Eurovision polls of the last three years, the INFE Network is holding for a fourth concecutive year its Eurovision 2020 poll in collaboration with the leading eurovision site of ESCToday, which will be presenting daily exclusively the votes coming accross Europe and Australia from local INFE club members.

A total of 22 INFE clubs from Europe and Australia will cast their votes, with more clubs as Rest of the world will provide additionally their set of votes. Next  club to cast its votes  is INFE North Macedonia! Here are the results from the North Macedonian fans:

Top 10 from INFE North Macedonia:

1 point goes to Ireland
2 points go to Malta
3 points go to Russia
4 points go to United Kingdom
5 points go to Iceland
6 points go to Lithuania
7 points go to Italy
8 points go to Bulgaria
10 points go to Germany
12 points go to Sweden  
Sweden and The Mamas start moving upwards with their first set of 12 points while the so far leader of the poll receives 6 points this round. Italy receives adds 7 more points one its score and climbs further up on the scoreboard just one breath away from second Bulgaria with 22 points.

Below you may check out how the current scoreboard of the INFE Poll 2020 looks:

  • Lithuania– 38 points
  • Bulgaria– 22 points
  • Italy– 21 points
  • Switzerland– 18 points
  • Sweden– 15 points
  • Iceland– 14 points
  • Norway– 12 points
  • Armenia– 12 points
  • Germany– 11 points
  • Malta– 9 points
  • Ukraine– 8 points
  • Latvia– 7 points
  • Cyprus– 7 points
  • Azerbaijan– 7 points
  • Russia– 6 points
  • Romania– 5 points
  • Poland– 5 points
  • United Kingdom– 4 points
  • Albania– 4 points
  • France– 2 points
  • Belgium– 2 points
  • North Macedonia– 1 point
  • Ireland– 1 point
  • Australia– 1 point


north macedonia


INFE North Macedonia is one of the oldest members of the INFE Network. Despite the small size of the country, there is a notable fan community that follows and supports the Eurovision Song Contest event. Take look at their local fan media outlet.

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