INFE Poll 2020: Lets check out the votes from the United Kingdom

INFE Poll 2020: Lets check out the votes from the United Kingdom

Following the successful INFE Eurovision polls of the last three years, the INFE Network is holding for a fourth concecutive year its Eurovision 2020 poll in collaboration with the leading eurovision site of ESCToday, which is presenting daily exclusively the votes coming accross Europe and Australia from local INFE club members.

A total of 22 INFE clubs from Europe and Australia will cast their votes, with more clubs as Rest of the world will provide additionally their set of votes. The poll today goes west , as it’s time for the votes from  INFE United Kingdom!

Here is the Top 10 from INFE UK:

1 points goes to Spain
2 points go to Croatia
3 points go to Armenia
4 points go to Germany
5 points go to Italy
6 points go to Slovenia
7 points go to Norway
8 points go to Ireland 
10 points go to France 
12 points go to Serbia
The UK’s verdict surprises us with the maximum 12 points going to Serbia, the first ones awarded to Hurricane, helping them to climb 12 spots on the scoreboard and to reach the 14th place. No changes in the Top 3 as Lithuania, Switzerland and Iceland received no points while Italy catches Russia in the 4th place.

Here is how the current scoreboard has developed after the Slovakian votes:

  • Lithuania– 146 points
  • Switzerland– 97 points
  • Iceland– 81 points
  • Russia– 76 points
  • Italy– 76 points
  • Bulgaria– 69 points
  • Norway– 61 points
  • Malta– 58 points
  • Sweden– 52 points
  • Ukraine– 42 points
  • Azerbaijan– 39 points
  • Germany– 31 points
  • Romania– 26 points
  • Serbia– 18 points
  • Cyprus– 17 points
  • Armenia– 17 points
  • Latvia– 15 points
  • Israel– 13 points
  • Ireland– 13 points
  • Spain– 12 points
  • France– 12 points
  • Albania– 10 points
  • Slovenia– 10 points
  • Australia– 7 points
  • Belgium– 7 points
  • United Kingdom– 7 points
  • Poland– 5 points
  • The Netherlands– 3 points
  • Georgia– 3 points
  • North Macedonia– 2 points
  • Greece– 2 points
  • Croatia – 2 points
  • Austria – 1 point

About INFE United Kingdom

26996752_2055722534698087_476928865_nINFE UK was established in April of 2017, bringing the UK a new proposal of fan media outlet and aiming to revive the interactivity among Eurovision fans in the United Kingdom, with events and continuous news updates.

In December the club hosted the annual INFEvision Song contest 2017, held among the member clubs of the INFE Network, represented by well known singer Peyton. This year the club is progressing some changes in its organisation in order to reorganise its fan base.

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