INFE Poll 2020: Lets see how the fans from Belarus voted

INFE Poll 2020: Lets see how the fans from Belarus voted

Following the successful INFE Eurovision polls of the last three years, the INFE Network is holding for a fourth concecutive year its Eurovision 2020 poll in collaboration with the leading eurovision site of ESCToday, which will be presenting daily exclusively the votes coming accross Europe and Australia from local INFE club members.

A total of 22 INFE clubs from Europe and Australia will cast their votes, with more clubs as Rest of the world will provide additionally their set of votes. The poll today moves to eastern Europe and Belarus in order to note down the votes from  INFE Belarus! Here are the results from Belarusian fans:

Top 10 from INFE Belarus:

1 point goes to Spain
2 points go to Armenia
3 points go to Bulgaria
4 points go to Belgium
5 points go to Iceland
6 points go to Italy
7 points go to Lithuania
8 points go to Ukraine
10 point go to Russia 
12 points go to Azerbaijan 
Efendi receives the first set of 12 points for Azerbaijan and enters the top 10 . In the top places of the scroeboard Lithuania continues to lead while Italy returns in the 2nd place. However, Swtizerland falls to 4th place while Iceland passes in front and hold now the 3rd place with one point distance.

Here is how the scoreboard of the  INFE Poll 2020 look like after today’s votes:

  • Lithuania– 79 points
  • Italy– 53 points
  • Iceland– 49 points
  • Switzerland– 48 points
  • Russia– 34 points
  • Bulgaria– 31 points
  • Azerbaijan 31 points
  • Ukraine– 28 points
  • Malta– 25 points
  • Sweden– 23 points
  • Norway– 23 points
  • Germany– 14 points
  • Armenia– 14 points
  • Latvia– 8 points
  • Cyprus– 7 points
  • Belgium– 7 points
  • Spain– 6 points
  • Israel– 6 points
  • Romania– 5 points
  • Poland– 5 points
  • Ireland– 5 points
  • United Kingdom– 4 points
  • Albania– 4 points
  • Greece– 2 points
  • France– 2 points
  • North Macedonia– 1 point
  • Australia– 1 point

27044846_2055759871361020_1713217036_nAbout INFE Belarus

INFE Belarus was founded in April 2015. Recently the club was really active withing the Junior Eurovision event hosted in Minsk, Belarus The Belarusian INFE club is highly active within the INFE Network since joining, offering new and innovative ideas within the network’s development.


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