INFE Poll 2020: This is how Czech Republic voted

INFE Poll 2020: This is how Czech Republic voted

Following the successful INFE Eurovision polls of the last three years, the INFE Network is holding for a fourth concecutive year its Eurovision 2020 poll in collaboration with the leading eurovision site of ESCToday, which is presenting daily exclusively the votes coming accross Europe and Australia from local INFE club members.

A total of 22 INFE clubs from Europe and Australia will cast their votes, with more clubs as Rest of the world will provide additionally their set of votes. The poll today move to the heart of Europe and adds the votes from  INFE Czech Republic! The result was determined by a combination of votes coming from the fans and a jury consisted of significant personalities of the music industry. Namely the jury included the following members: Andrea Savane (Czech spokesperson in 2007)Annabelle (singer)Dea Music, Tereza Holubová (singer)Vítek Havliš (TV presenter)Daniel Hrdlička (singer of the band Pilot)George Hájek (musician)Ján Winkler (Czech and Slovak Eurovision expert).

Here is the Top 10 from INFE Czech Republic:

1 point goes to Norway
2 points go to Ukraine
3 points go to United Kingdom
4 points go to Bulgaria
5 points go to Germany
6 points go to Sweden
7 points go to Iceland
8 points Russia
10 points Switzerland 
12 points Lithuania 
Although the poll has more countries coming up, Lithuania so far is marching unstoppable! The Roop receive another set of 12 points and increase their lead with the impressive total of 122 points while Switzerland follows with a total of 86 . The top 3 closes with Iceland which has been awarded so far with 70 points.

Here is how the overall scoreboard look like after the votes from Czech Republic were added:

  • Lithuania– 122 points
  • Switzerland– 86 points
  • Iceland– 70 points
  • Bulgaria– 62 points
  • Italy– 61 points
  • Russia– 52 points
  • Norway– 47 points
  • Malta– 45 points
  • Ukraine– 40 points
  • Sweden– 38 points
  • Azerbaijan– 35 points
  • Romania– 22 points
  • Germany– 19 points
  • Cyprus– 17 points
  • Latvia– 15 points
  • Armenia– 14 points
  • Israel– 13 points
  • United Kingdom– 7 points
  • Belgium– 7 points
  • Spain– 6 points
  • Poland– 5 points
  • Ireland– 5 points
  • Albania– 4 points
  • The Netherlands– 3 points
  • Georgia– 3 points
  • Australia– 2 points
  • Greece– 2 points
  • France– 2 points
  • Austria – 1 point
  • North Macedonia– 1 point


27153027_2056130807990593_1641413291_nAbout INFE Czech Republic

The good resutls the country has been scoring the recent yeat have raised the interest for the contest. INFE Czech Reuplic has been working under the INFE Network since 2012 to keep the Eurovision spirit alive within the country. The club runs one of the most active and updated Eurovision sites. Check out their official website. while  in December 2019 it hosted succefully  the INFEVision Video Contest 2019 that saw Italy with Mahmmod the big winner!


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