th00002143845_5In the past years, YouTube and was the main source to watch the full show live in the USA. This year however was completely different! LogoTV bought the rights to air the show live with reality TV stars Carson Kressley and Michelle Collins as commentators for the Grand Final. It was known in advance that LogoTV will air only the Finals on Saturday. Even American Justin Timberlake was invited to perform during the Interval act during the Grand Final.

However the aftertaste of this first live broadcast of the show in the States was more than bitter. Fans from the local INFE USA hold a lot of criticism against the whole way the show was aired and all its unexpected parametric conditions that came up.

YouTube and blocked until up to now cause of the music rights, bad commentators out of the real spirit of the night are some of the negative impressions left over from this first live broadcast of the show in USA. 

Read more detail of the circumstances under which the show was aired at the official page of INFE USA and the specific article.