INFE USA website revamped!

INFE USA website revamped!

INFE USA, our most distant member, has recently revamped its website. The website has now a fabulous look and it’s very intuitive and modern. It features all the news of the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest as well as other information related to the club.

In the top of the page, there are different pages related to the club, such as how to join in, what is INFE Network and what is INFE USA. Also you get a very useful list with all the participants of the next Eurovision Song Contest updated every day; an easy way to check which countries already have a representative or which song has been chosen.

In the left side you can see the different categories the website is divided in. That way, you can choose to see all the news relating to Italy, for instance. In the right side of the website you get a snapshot of INFE USA Facebook and Twitter accouts. Don’t hesitate to follow them in Twitter, like them in Facebook and book their website for future reference!

Great work, guys!

Juanma Lopez

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