INFEvision Video Contest 2020: Carlos Baute ft Ana Mena and Yera will represent Venezuela with the song “No Es Para Tanto”

INFEvision Video Contest 2020: Carlos Baute ft Ana Mena and Yera will represent Venezuela with the song “No Es Para Tanto”

INFEvision 2020, the video contest held by the International Network of Fan Clubs of Eurovision (I.N.F.E) is unfolding this week with the presentation of the competing acts and songs.

The INFEvision 2020 line up continues to unfold with the next representative coming from Latin America. The local INFE Venezuela fan community  has selected Carlos Baute, Ana Mena and Yera to represent Venezuela with the song ‘”No Es Para Tanto”(It’s Not That Bad).

Carlos Roberto Baute Jiménez was born March 8, 1974, in Caracas, Venezuela, best known simply as Carlos Baute, is a Venezuelan singer-songwriter and television host. His music is mostly in the Latin pop genre, with some ballads and Bachata.

In 1987 At age 13, he joined Los Chamos, which released an album entitled Con un poco de Amor in 1990. He worked as a model and released his first solo album titled Orígenes I in 1994. He acted in the Venezuelan telenovela, Destino de Mujer (1997), as Pedro José, a swimming instructor. With the album Yo nací para querer… (1999), he moved to Spain and had much success with all his albums. He acted in the television series Aladinna (TVE), Mis Adorables Vecinos (Antena 3) and was the host of Gala Miss EspañaGala IB3, and Gala Fin de Año de TVE1.

Baute has released six albums, including a greatest hits album. On April 1, 2008, he released De Mi Puño y Letra, which included “Colgando en tus manos“. He released two versions, one solo and one with Marta Sánchez. The duet rose to the top of the charts in many Spanish-speaking countries worldwide. In October 2012, he released a duet with Laura Pausini, “Las cosas que no me espero“.

He’s latest album in 2019 is titled De Amor y Dolor and reached the 8th place on the Spanish charts.

Watch Carlos’s official music video of  “No Es Para Tanto” below:

INFEvision 2020

This year’s edition was launched in the first days of October with INFE Romania revealing the INFEvision 2020 slogan “Riding the Ages” . From that point all INFE clubs were given a period until end of October to confirm participation to the host country.  A  total of 19 countries around the globe will eventually be participating in this year’s contest, which is a new record number for the competition itself after last year’s 18 countries. Unfortunately Armenia and Azerbaijan decided to withdraw due to the war conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh ( Artsakh). 

The Grand final is set to take place on December 19 in the city of Resita in Romania.


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