INFEVision Video Contest 2020: Official trailer of this year’s contest is out

INFEVision Video Contest 2020: Official trailer of this year’s contest is out

INFEvision 2020, the video contest held by the International Network of Fan Clubs of Eurovision (I.N.F.E) will take place this year in Resita, Romania on December 19, 2020.

Following Italy’s victory in INFEVision 2019 with Mahmood and his song “Barrio” , hosted  EuroContest.Cz, member of the INFE Network, this year the competition moves to Romania and the city of Resita, as the Eurovision Romania Community (ERC) running INFE Romania is set to offer us a spectacular presentation of INFEVision 2020. 

This year’s edition was launched in the first days of October with INFE Romania revealing the INFEvision 2020 slogan “Riding the Ages” . From that point all INFE clubs were given a period until end of October to confirm participation to the host country.  A  total of 19 countries around the globe will eventually be participating in this year’s contest, which is a new record number for the comeptition itself after last year’s 18 countries. Unfortunately Armenia and Azerbaijan decided to withdraw due to the war conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh ( Artsakh). 

Today this year’s host released the offficial trailer of the contest’s 8th edition showcasing this year’s host city and the participating countries.

From today onwards the organisers will be revealing the comepting entries on daily bases before the voting process kicks off. More details on the past host countries, winners and votings can be viewed at our official INFEvision Video Contest page on INFE’s international website.


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