INFEvision Video Contest 2020: The Bagossy Brothers Company to represent Hungary with their song “Visszajövök ” (Coming Back)

INFEvision Video Contest 2020: The Bagossy Brothers Company to represent Hungary with their song “Visszajövök ” (Coming Back)

INFEvision 2020, the video contest held by the International Network of Fan Clubs of Eurovision (I.N.F.E) is unfolding this week with the presentation of the competing acts and songs. 

The presentation of the INFEvision 2020 line up continues with the representative of Hungary. The local INFE club  run by the team behind  ESC Hungary , held a national selection with 18 songs from which winners were declared the Bagossy Brothers Company with their entry “Visszajövök ” (Coming Back) .

About the Bagossy Brothers Company

Bagossy Brothers Company is a Hungarian pop-rock band, founded in 2013.The band was founded in May 2013 in Gyergyószentmiklós, Transylvania with the help of musicians who have been playing together for several years. The band’s name was inspired by the family names of the Bagossy brothers (Norbert Bagossy and László Bagossy).The band consists of the following members:

  • Norbert Bagossy – vocals / guitar
  • László Bagossy – bass / backing vocals
  • Szilárd Bartis – drums
  • Attila Tatár – guitars / backing vocals
  • Zsombor Kozma – keyboards / accordion / violin

The band’s music features alternative rock, indie rock and folk rock elements. More information about the band can me found in their official website.

You can watch the competing video of Visszajövök ” (Coming Back) by Bagossy Brothers Company below:

INFEvision 2020

This year’s edition was launched in the first days of October with INFE Romania revealing the INFEvision 2020 slogan “Riding the Ages . From that point all INFE clubs were given a period until end of October to confirm participation to the host country.  A  total of 19 countries around the globe will eventually be participating in this year’s contest, which is a new record number for the comeptition itself after last year’s 18 countries. Unfortunately Armenia and Azerbaijan decided to withdraw due to the war conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh ( Artsakh). 

The Grand final is set to take place on December 19 in the city of Resita in Romania.

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