Ira Losco: The French entry this year is very good!

Ira Losco: The French entry this year is very good!

Ira Losco comes back on the stage of Eurovision and that’s a great news. This beautiful young woman talks about her impressive career and agrees to answer our questions for our greatest pleasure. Thanks to Daniel D’Anastasi for his friendship, to Luke Fisher for his help.

Alain : Hello Ira, simply by mentioning your name, hundreds of the Contest fans get smiling. How does it feel to come back on the Contest stage, 14 years after your excellent 2nd place in Tallin?

Ira : It feels good. I love Eurovision and it’s fantastic to be part of it again.

Alain : You won your place for Stockholm with the song “Chameleon”, you enter the Contest with “Walk on Water”, why this change?

Ira : It’s important to have the best song possible. The rules allow a change so we asked experts in various countries to listen to several songs. The support for “Walk on Water” was overwhelming.

Alain : You are a young artist with an impressive career. How did this all begin?

Ira : My Mum says I could sing before I could walk. Music overtook me from a young age. In fact, I was barely out of my teenage years when I took part in Eurovision in 2002.

Alain : As an artist, what would be your most beautiful memory?

Ira : I’ve performed over 125 shows outside of Malta as well numerous significant shows in my own country, and had the pleasure to perform alongside various artists such as Sir Elton John, Maroon 5, Akon, Bob Geldoff, Duran Duran, Enrique Iglesias, Katie Melua and many more.

Alain : I would like to know a bit more about Ira, the Woman. What does make you get up in the morning? What kind of battle could you do?

Ira : Music is my passion, and I work every day at being a better singer and performer. When I have free time, I like to have dinner with my friends, and spend some quality time with my family. I just like to chill out with my boyfriend as well, watch TV. Simple things really. I’m a massive Friends fan, and am still hoping there will be a reunion/comeback sometime soon.

Alain : Do you prepare a new album after “Walk on Water”? What would be its atmosphere?

Ira : Yes indeed. I’m working on the album now. It’s my fifth. It’ll be out later in the year.

Alain : France is waiting for you with open arms…so when do you come? What do you know of my country?

Ira : I love the French, with their great style and wonderful cuisine. I also happen to think the French entry in Eurovision this year is very good.

Alain : Have you got a message for our readers in France or any where else?

Ira : I hope you like “Walk on Water”. If you do, please vote for Malta and I’ll love you forever.

Euro’Idol Infe France thank you so much for this interview, good luck for Stockholm!



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