Ireland 2018: Ryan O’Shaughnessy on stage to rehearse

Ireland 2018: Ryan O’Shaughnessy on stage to rehearse

Ireland is the next to get on stage with Ryan O’Shaughnessy  and “Together”. First,we are watching the cue card for the performance. Ryan is keeping a guitar, singing on a piano. Then the two dancers of  the music video will be on stage too.

Ryan is wearing a black shirt and jeans, he gazes over to a singer on the piano who has a white top. There is a street lamp from Lisbon on stage. The two dancers moved to  top of the bridge.

They go back and the dancers are on the bench. It looks messy at the minute with the combination of props and piano. Snowing on the final chorus, the snow however looks very obviously fake.

They are thoroughly reviewing the camera shots from the performance, there were a lot of shots where camera men ended up in shot.

Later, two backing singers are light up at the back. Snow starts at the 2nd minute  and it looks much better, it also covers more of the stage than before. Ireland have a far more polished performance now, this is possibly now a qualifier.

Fotis Kourouvanis

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