Ireland 2018: What will we see with Ryan on stage?

Ireland 2018: What will we see with Ryan on stage?

Irish rerpesenantive Ryan O’Shaughnessy shared with his fans some rehearsal moments and it seems that Together‘s video clip will get flesh and bones on the stage of Eurovision.
In the photo he posted himself on his personal account at Instagram, besides the two dancers, there will be three girls who will make the vocals.

The so-called #TeamIreland is made up of Ryan and two dancers Kevin O’Dwyer and Alan McGrath, who has re-enrolled at Eurovision as one of the dancers who joined Ryan Dolan in 2013. The vocals will include: Claire Ann Varley, Janet Grogan and Remy Naidoo, a participant in “The Voice of Ireland”.

During an interview with Ryan on an Irish radio show, he confirmed the participation of the two dancers without giving more information on how the little vlip’s love story will be set up at the Altice Arena scene.

Michael Kealy, Ireland’s head od Delegation , has already stated in an interview that he would be impressed if the video clip and the message he wanted to pass the song were not “translated” into the final appearance.

It is therefore to be seen the first rehearsal of Ireland on Monday, April 30th.

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