Irish artists, associations and the Palestinian support association launched a campaign in favor of the boycott of the country at Eurovision 2019. The first event took place in Dublin on the Ha’penny Bridge.

Singers, creators, activists and a number of well-known Irish figures have launched a campaign to push RTE’, the public broadcaster, away from the next Eurovision Song Contest to be held in Israel. Indeed, they have already begun collecting signatures, surpassing so far 3,500.

Among the protesters was one of Riverdance’s creators, Robert Ballagh, as well as Carrie Crowley, 1997 show-winner of the latest Eurovision that was held in Ireland. She said:

“There is a keen interest in the situation in Palestine by the Irish, because in the past we were also imprisoned by occupying forces. We understand how to move away from homes, to lose our land and property and to feel that we no longer have rights. Our relationship with Great Britain has improved so much and I believe that Palestine and Israel could look to the future and maybe do something similar. I want to raise awareness with my presence and the world about all this, as there are so many people who love Eurovision and we can make them interested”.

The campaign began after comments by Deputy Prime Minister of Ireland, Simon Coveney, who argued that a boycott of Eurovision would not help the Palestinians.

Ireland has so far not confirmed its participation in the next Eurovision. The country  was represented in Lisbon by Ryan O’Shaughnessy with the song “Together”, getting the 16th place. This was the first time since 2013 when Ireland qualified to the final.