In 2005, Donna and Joe,the siblings from Ireland,represented the country  in the Contest, which was first organized in Kiev, with the song “Love”. Unfortunately, they did not manage to bring Ireland to the final, as they finished in 14th with 53 points.

A few days ago, Donna McCaul told “The Irish Sun” that she would be very happy to represent her country again in the Eurovision Song Contest, regardless of what has been heard lately about the venue for the next event.

Donna said:

“Eurovision is like the Olympics, it concerns unity and inspires people. I have long expected to have had the opportunity to represent Ireland in the Contest and I would be excited to do so in Israel next year. I do not think political issues should affect us in order to send a Eurovision membership. Israel won with a very good participation this year.”

Donna has attempted to represent her country again in 2012 with Mercy, conquering third place and giving the ticket for Baku to Jedward and “Waterline”.