Ireland: “Russia had never threatened to ban our video clip”

Ireland: “Russia had never threatened to ban our video clip”

A few days ago, rumors had leaked from the Irish side that Russia would forbid the broadcast of their song due to a gay scene in the video clip. Today, however, the official disclaimer of this reputation has emerged. Talking to wiwibloggs, the head of the Irish delegation, Michael Kealy, confirmed that the recent debate on a ban was just a guess. Russia has never threatened to ban the Eurovision 2018 Irish music video.

“As far as I am concerned, it’s only a reputation, no one told me anything about it … I would be disappointed if this happened, but so far it’s just a rumor.”

These news undoubtedly calmed many fans, but where did the rumors come from?

It all started with a tweet. On Monday evening,this year’s Irish representative  Ryan O’Shaughnessy wrote on twitter: “The Russians are now threatening a broadcasting ban because of my video for ‘Together’. Anti-gay propaganda regime at its finest! Hilarious if you ask me.. #IDareYou”.

This tweet was linked to a video from the LGBT YouTube channel, Pinksixty. The clip referred to the gay-themed Irish music video and suggests that it may violate Russia’s anti-homosexual propaganda law. The host makes no mention to threats and does not provide evidence to support his theory.

Many Twitter users quickly rushed to self-indulgent from this tweet. For example, why would Russia forbid this music clip, but would allow the Finnish one? In “Monsters” video clip we watch  openly lesbian Saara Aalto leading a group of 3 gay men in three minutes of  glittery debauchery.

We all remember  that less than a year after the law came into force, Conchita Wurst “entered”  in millions of Russian homes as she won  2014 Eurovision Song Conetst and, while there were negative reports and protests, there was no ban on broadcasting.

Concerning the live staging  at Altice Arena, Michael Kealy also hinted that the story of gay love may  appear on stage.

In the same interview at wiwibloggs, Irish HoD refers to the global issue of love which the song praises, stating that “We would be surprised if you did not see it be delivered on the stage in some way.”

Fotis Kourouvanis

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