Ireland: Una Healy reported as potential Eurovision 2019 representative

Ireland: Una Healy reported as potential Eurovision 2019 representative

The Irish newspaper, “The Irish Mail” in its Sunday edition reported popular Irish act Una Healy as the act on top of RTÉ ‘s wish list for Eurovision 2019.


Una Theresa Imogene Healy waa born 1981, and is an Irish singer, songwriter and TV host. She gained fame back in 2008, when she joined the female five member English-irish group named The Saturdays. 

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The Irish national broadcaster , RTÉ, is hoping that the leading vocalist of  The Saturdays, Una Healy will accept to represent Ireland in the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest. In a recent “think in” the Irish act topped the broadcaster’s officials’ wish list, who see her as the most appropriate successor of  Ryan O’Shaughnessy and his postitive result in Lisbon in Eurovision 2018. The Irish Mail’s source stated:

 Una would be a great choice for Ireland’s Eurovision entry … She has an amazing voice and has years of experience performing live in front of thousands of people so nerves wouldn’t be a problem for her.

The same source went on saying:

Una also has previous experience on the Eurovision stage. In 2006, Una was a backing singer for Brian Kennedy when he represented Ireland with Every Song Is a Cry For Love. Una knows exactly what to expect.


However,  the newsparer’s source expressed some reservations on whether Una will eventually want to participate in the Contest taking in mind her high popularity. Recalling Nicky Byrne’s participation in Eurovision 2016, the Irish act despite being one of the most popular acts that represented the country the last decade , failed qualifying to the final.

In 2018 Ryan O’Shaughnessy represented the country in Lisbon with his entry “Together”. Even though the 16th placing in the grand final might sound initially not much, however, taking in mind that it was for Ireland the first participation in the final since 2013 and the country’s best placing since 2012, on second thought it’s a really successful result ofr Ireland.

Πηγή: Irish Mail on Sunday

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