Ireland’s First Rehearsal.

Ireland’s First Rehearsal.


Last on stage but not least for the third day of rehearsals is Ireland. The 20 year old Brendan Murray and his song  I’m dying to try, who were internally selected by the Irish broadcaster and Louis Walsh, manager of the group Hometown (of which Brendan was part of) is “dying to try” to bring back a little bit of Ireland’s past glory in the contest. Composers of the entry are Brendan and Swedish composer Jörgen Elofsson.



Before his rehearsal he stated: ”  Everything is fantastic. I just watched Hungary’s performance and i m looking forward to get on the stage. I hope the rehearsals will be good”

Brendan gets on stage wearing a white shirt and black trousers. The Irish singer appears inside a hot air balloon which seems as flying away with a back round of clouds, mountains, and cities in black, white and red.

His vocal performance is satisfying but can’t still needs more to reach Claudia’s earlier emotional performance.









Take a look below to Brendan’s first rehearsal:



Angelo D.

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