Israel 2017: Imri Ziv to fly the flag of Israel

Israel 2017: Imri Ziv to fly the flag of Israel

Israel did it! Imri Ziv is the winner in country’s Rising Star TV show, and he will fly to Kiev in May to fly Israel’s flag.

Asi Azar and Rotem Sela hosted the Grand Final show were the 4 remaining artists, Julieta, Imri Ziv, Diana Golbi and The Beatbox Element, did their best to impress the audience and the jury panel.

Harel Skaat, Keren Peles, Static & Ben-El Tavori and Asaf Amdurski  was the jury party of the final show. The 4 artists battled in the stage of the show, performing the songs that they chose.

In the 1st round we had 2 battles.

  1. Imri ZivHalo (Beyonce),  79%  of the votes
  2. Beatbox ElementSilsulim (Static & Ben-El Tavori)  55% of the votes
  1. JuliettaMy number one (Helena Paparizou),  54% of the votes
  2. Diana GolbiEuphoria (Loreen),  85% of the votes

Imri Ziv,  Diana Golbi and Julieta moved on to the final battle round.

In the final round the results were:

  1. Julieta – Shikorim me’ahava (59%)
  2. Imri Ziv :Because of you – K. Clarkson (75%)
  3. Diana Golbi : Purple Rain -Prince (67%)

Imri Ziv was the winner of the Final round and he will fly to Kiev. We still don’t know the song that Imri will perform. A special jury is searching for it and in the

Stefanos Charpantidis

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