Israel 2018 : Netta on stage for her first rehearsal

Israel 2018 : Netta on stage for her first rehearsal

Seventh act on Altice Arena stage to rehearse : Netta Bazrilai. Netta, won HaKokhav HaBa ( international known as the Rising Star talent show) and is representing Israel in Lisbon with her song Toy, which so far top all fans’ polls and is the ultimate favorite for bookies.

Netta’s scene is settled in an impressive way. The Israeli singer appears on stage alongside with the dancers from her Video clip. The outfits are in pink, black and white color. Netta stands with them on the bridge and asfter she ends up in the front part of the stage. Additionally we see some Japanese cats standing on some shelves back right and left from where Netta is standing.

On the second turn she changes the lyrics of her song making everyone laugh. Just before the end of the song bubbles appear all over the stage coming from a special machine combined with a pink colored smoke.

Get a taste of Netta’s first performance on stage:

Angelo D.

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