Israel 2018: Netta’s 2nd technical rehearsal

Israel 2018: Netta’s 2nd technical rehearsal

Israel has been considered as this year’s big favorite, but with a slight downward trend in bets. Netta Barzilai is on the stage for  her second rehearsal with some in her “Toy“.

After her first rehearsal on Sunday, we saw what the comments were divided on the outcome,and today, she tried to regain  the impression and be stabilized in the first place of the betting odds, as France and Norway have approached her dangerously.

As in the first rehearsal with the instincts of vocals in the beginning. Firecrackers in the refrain fill the scene, with Netta being the head of the team on the stage . Fireworks, flames, effects bubbles make up a very good setting.Some of the camera shots have changed and the choreography of the backings looks better now. Especially the “Melfest style” surprise close-up shot at the start of the second verse looks good.

Generally good enough as a performance, but vocally, it is problematic and does not sound harmonious. It does not seem to win at least the impressions and applause of the people in the press room.

Fotis Kourouvanis

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