Israel 2018: “Toy” was not Netta’s first choice

Israel 2018:  “Toy” was not Netta’s first choice

Toy” was not Netta’s first choice to compete at this year’s Eurovision. That is what  Yoav Tzafir, a television producer of Rising Star,  the show through which Netta was chosen to represent Israel in Lisbon, has stated.

According to Yoav’s interview, Netta, after her win at the Rising Star, wished to join Eurovision with her own song, which the committee  responsible for the selection did not like.

Eventually, Netta convinced and loved Toy, only after putting her own mark on the song.

“Neta said, ‘I do not connect to the song, it’s not me, I do not know how I’ll stand on the stage and carry it off,’” he remembers. “Apparently she wanted to sing a song she penned herself, which featured a chorus with the phrase “Sababa Sababa”, which means “cool” in Hebrew. The committee rejected the idea. Inside the studio there were plenty of tears. But Netta broke the song down into parts and eventually added the chicken sounds and the looper, at which point it all clickened”.

Her winning song in the final of the contest has already reached 25 million views on YouTube, while it  has entered the charts of many countries.

Fotis Kourouvanis

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