Israel 2019: KAN calls for proposals from the other TV broadcasters

Israel 2019: KAN calls for proposals from the other TV broadcasters

It seems that in Israel, the practical mind prevails over prejudices and regressions, and so the public broadcaster (KAN), in its public announcement, asks the other TV stations of the country, proposals / TV projects for the national final, through which they will opt for Eurovision 2019.

The lack of a proper budget, but also the fact that KAN should give weight to the organization of the next Eurovision Song Contest and not to their national final, has led Israel’s public television people to decide to go to private channels and ask for proposals for television programs that they can produce and through which their Eurovision representative 2019, to be held next May in Israel, can be nominated.

Over the last four years, Keshet channel  has taken over the process by which Israel’s representative is selected for the contest. This is the Rising Star. Apart from Keshet, Reshet also is expected to be interested in, having the rights of X Factor and possibly proposing the all-in-one show as a way of selecting the Israeli representative at Eurovision 2019.

The basic criteria set by KAN for selecting the TV program that will be Israel’s national final for the next Eurovision are:

-The television program to be proposed will be shown in a prime time zone for more than a month.
-The representative’s choice must be completed in January 2019
-The channel to be selected should create a series of broadcasts parallel to the national final in order to get the most possible view.

In this way KAN, recognizing that it can not carry out a national final worthy of the product, enables the other channels in the country to take advantage of the competition, which will have a greater domestic interest since Eurovision will take place in Israel.

Fotis Kourouvanis

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