Israel: 45 acts determined for the next stage of The Next Star

Israel: 45 acts determined for the next stage of The Next Star

The initial casting stage of the Israeli National Selection, The Next Star, concluded in 45 acts that managed to get a 70% of the votes from a jury and the public. In the next phase the 45 acts will be watched by a jury, in a special room making their rehearsal for the next audition and based on that, the jury will pick the final 15 for the next stage. The procedure will go on with three shows , in which 15 acts will compete in each one and the jury will have to choose 5 from each show that will pass to the next stage. One act can qualify once it gets at least 3 votes (out of four) from the jury. If there is a tie between two or more acts with the same qualifying votes the jury will decide which one will not proceed to the next phase.

The 45 acts that will have the chance to compete for one of the 15 positions leading to the next phase of the national selection are:

  1. Abraham Ratiga
  2. Adir Edri
  3. Alanya Landau
  4. Albert Gregoryan
  5. Almog Nashawi
  6. Amichai Yosef Ben Avraham
  7. Asher Amar
  8. Asif Zilberman
  9. Avia Shoshani
  10. Aviv Levy
  11. David Maman
  12. Eva Al Knarsh
  13. Evyatar Adir
  14. Evyatar Ofri
  15. Gal Hayk
  16. Ground Heights
  17. Ha’trempistim
  18. Iki Levy & The Rasta Hebrew Men
  19. Jonathan Blank
  20. Kalanit Maron
  21. Liroz Blas
  22. Matan Agami
  23. Mor Boni
  24. Nadav Gadag
  25. Nava & Tehila Walker
  26. Nir Klingel
  27. Noam Farag
  28. No Name Quartet
  29. Noy Gover
  30. Omer Carmeli
  31. Omer Reuven
  32. Orit Binsay
  33. Random Dogs
  34. Raz Shani
  35. Rotem Shimlovich & Ariel Goldstein
  36. Sarai Nachmias
  37. Sa’ar ”Rusty” Davidov
  38. Shai Sol
  39. Sheina Reinberg
  40. Shelly Farjon
  41. Yagel Yahud
  42. Yakir Chen
  43. Yifi & Osher Aricha
  44. Yochi Edwards
  45. Zadok Garame

We remind you that the winner of the second season of the show known as Rising Star , will represent Israel in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest 2015.


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