Israel: EBU approves IPBC/KAN’s full membership

Israel: EBU approves IPBC/KAN’s full membership

The European Broadcasting Union approved the IPBC/KAN’s application for full EBU membership during the 81st EBU General Assembly in Geneva .

The Israeli national broadcaster , IPBC/KAN, was launched on the 15 May 2017 following the shutdown of the former Israeli national broadcaster IBA. Who  can forget when handing out the Israeli points during the Eurovision 2017 final in Kyiv, spokesman Ofer Nachshon announced that broadcaster IBA would be closing down. 

KAN also known as IPBC has been a pending member of the European Broadcasting Union since it was formed in 2017. The EBU had previously been skeptical of approving the broadcaster as a member, due to a lack of news services when the broadcaster first launched. In mid-2017 the broadcaster introduced new news services to its channels. KAN has three television channels currently: KAN 11KAN Educational and Makan 33

In the meantime Israel and KAN won in Lisbon last May thanks to Netta and her song ‘Toy’ and preparations for the contest in Tel Aviv are in full steam underway. Eventually EBU’s General Assembly  approved KAN’s application for full membership!

The EBU released the following tweet earlier today announcing the Israeli national broadcaster’s full EBU membership:

The 2019 Eurovision Song Contest is scheduled to be held on 14, 16 and 18 May at the  Expo Tel Aviv Convention Centre in Tel Aviv, Israel.

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