Israel: Four more contestants qualify to the next round of «The Next Star 2018».

Israel: Four more contestants qualify to the next round of «The Next Star 2018».

In last evening’s The Next Star show, we got to see 4 more contestants move on to the next round of Israel’s national selection for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest next May in Lisbon. In the previous round, a group of 8 out of  20 contestants were broken up in 4 duels . From each duel battle the artist that managed to win the biggest percent of positive votes coming from the jury and the public qualified to the next round. The same process was followed in last night’s round.

The jury consists of  Static & Ben-El TavoriKeren PelesHarel Skaat ,Assaf Amdursky. Additionally, like in the previous show, the singer-composer-DJ-model and actress Ninet Tayeb was a guest member of the jury.  Every YES coming from each member of the jury gives to the contestant an extra 8% of positive votes. The rest 60% is determined by the public audience.

The 4 acts that passed on to the next round were:

Chen Aharoni «Can’t Feel My Face» 80% – Shir Baruch «Shuvi leveitech» 30%


The Choice «Omed al tzuk» 56% – Sarit Hativa «Shav» 60%


Eden Meiri «Nigen» 63% – Shir Gadasi «Bayamim she’yaavru aleinu» 26%


Hayemen «Yarok udvash» 71% – Adva Omer «Aba» 49%

In today’s next round we will see the remaining 4 artists compete and determining the final group of 10 contestants for Israel’s national selection.

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