Israel: Hovi Star goes to Stockholm with ‘Made of Stars’

Israel: Hovi Star goes to Stockholm with ‘Made of Stars’

Four acts competed in The Rising Star for Eurovision 2016 but there was only one winner! It was Hovi Star and will sing for Israel at Eurovision 2016 in May. Israel have picked Hovi Star with the song “Made of Stars”, with lyrics and music by Doron Medalie who also wrote  “Golden Boy” in 2015.

The final was held in two rounds. During the first round, the four participants sang cover versions of famous songs:

  • Ella Daniel –  “Happy” (Pharrell Williams) – Score: 67% (4 judges votes)
  • Hovi Star – “Stay with me” (Sam Smith) – Score: 79% (4 judges votes)
  • Gil Hadash – “The Show Must Go On” (Queen) – Score: 49% (1 judge vote)
  • Nofar Salman – “Mangina” / “Melody” (Eden Ben Zaken) – Score: 76% (2 judges votes)

The jury then decided to give a wildcard to Ella sending her to the superfinal together with Hovi Star and Nofar Salman, where the actual songs for Eurovision were performed.


  • Hovi StarMade of stars (69%)
  • Nofar SalmanMade of stars (68%)
  • Ella DanielSomebody out there (58%)


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