Israel: Listen to the four candidate ESC 2020 entries for Eden Alene

Israel: Listen to the four candidate ESC 2020 entries for Eden Alene

After selecting Eden Alene as the next Israeli ESC 2020 act through the The Next Star talent show, it’s time for the country to select the entry Eden will be performing next May in Rotterdam. 

Israel this year has opted for a special Eurovision national final show to determine the entry that the winner of  “The Next Star” will be singing in Rotterdam next May. The Israeli song selection committee chose the four entries from a longlist of 248 song that will compete in  “The Next Song” show and none of them will be selected as Eden Alene’s Eurovision 2020 entry.  Check them all on youtube :

“Savior in the Sound”

“Savior in the Sound” was written by Oren Emanuel, Talia Londoner and Uri Avni. The song will open the national selection show on March 3.


The songwriters behind the song “Roots” are Nathan Goshen and Stav Beger.  Nathan Goshen is a  popular Israeli singer, who you may know for his hit “Thinking About It”. Beger was also the composer of Netta’s ESC 2018 winning song “Toy”.


“Rakata . “Raq Ata” also means “Only You” in Hebrew. Gal Jo Cohen, Eyal Ishay, Zlil Kalifi, Eran Kashi wrote the song, which will be performed third on Tuesday’s show.

“Feker Libi”

Feker Libi” (Amharic for “My Love”) has behind a team of songwriters with remarkable Eurovision experience. Doron Medalie has participated in Eurovision as a songwriter (three times, with one win) and Idan Raichel performed on the ESC stage in Tel Aviv as an interval act. Doron has composed in the past two more Israeli ESC entries : το Golden Boy in 2015 and Made of Stars in 2016. Notable that the song features five different languages – English, Amharic, Hebrew, Arabic and a created African language.

On March 3 the national final will determine which one out of these four songs will Eden Alene sing on stage in Rotterdam . The outcone will be determiend by public and jury voting.

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