Israel is one week away from its national final and last night’s semi final of  ” The Next Star for Eurovision 2017” , the country’s national selection process, determined the 4 finalist.

Julieta, Imri Ziv, Diana Golbi, and The Beatbox Element made it to the final after three dual battles of the six contestants of the semi final. The producers divided the show’s six contestants into three duels. During each duel the artist sang in front of the judges and the audience. Each of the judges gave its positive or negative vote which added up to 10% of the total vote, while the public viewers cast its votes through a special phone application.

The duels and their results concluded as following and you can see the qualifiers in bold :

DUEL 1: IMRI ZIV  ( Won 95% of the votes with 4 judge’s positive vote) VS. Sapir Nahon (Got 73% of the votes with 2 judge’s votes).


DUEL 2: THE BEATBOX ELEMENT ( Won 83% of the total votes and all four judge’s votes) VS. JULIETA (Got 76% Of the votes and all 4 positve votes from the judges)


DUEL 3: TA-LA-TE ( Won  59% of the total votes including 3 judges votes)  VS. DIANA GOLBI ( Got 87% of the total votes including 3 positive votes from the judges)

Duel-3-semi-final-the-next-star-for-eurovision-2017-israel-400x200 (2)








The three artists beaten in the previous 3 duels had a last chance to qualify for the final at a 4th battle with each other. However the voting  favored  Julieta (score: 85%) when  Ta-La-Te scored: 26% and Sapir Nahon Scored: 75%.


You can take a look at the live winner performances of the semi final night below:

1.Imri Ziv

2. The Beatbox Element 

3. Diana Golbi

4. Julieta