Israel: Shefita and Kobi Merimi the two last finalists of HaKokhav HaBa L’Eurovizion

Israel: Shefita and Kobi Merimi the two last finalists of HaKokhav HaBa L’Eurovizion

The last semi final heat of HaKokhav HaBa L’Eurovizion (aka The Next Star) took place this evening following  the 1st semi final , 2nd semi final and 3rd semi final shows and Thursday’s wildcard show . During last evening’s show after Kobi Merimi’s return we saw the 4 remaining acts battle for the two spots in the final, that is set to take place on February 12. 

The 4 acts that competed for these two final spots were:

  • Daniel Barzilai
  • Kobi Merimi
  • Shefita
  • Avraham de Carvalho

The outcome was determied by the public and the jury formed by  Static & Ben-El TavoriKeren PelesHarel Skaat (ESC Israel2010), Shiri Maimon (ESC Israel 2005) and Assaf Amdursky. The show consisted of two rounds of voting, During the first round one act was eliminated and the three remaining acts went through a second voting in order to determine the two last finalists.

Lets take a look at the contestants’ performances and their scores in the first round of votes:

Shefita – Crazy 74%

Avraham De Carvalho – Believe 89%

Daniel Barzilai – Im Haita Roeh 58%

Kobi Marimi – Russian Roulette 78%


After these performances and according to the results Daniel Barzilai was eliminated and the other three went into a second round of performances and voting.

Avraham De Carvalho – Stay With Me 70 pts

Shefita – Feeling Good 82 pts

Kobi Marimi – Hallelujah 88 pts

Therefore the two acts that qualified to Tuesday’s final were Shefita and Kobi Merimi . These two will join already finalists Maya de Buskila and Ketreyah in Tueday’s final on February 12. One of these four will represent the host country in Eurovision 2019.

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