Israel: Submission of songs for ESC 2018 begins

Israel: Submission of songs for ESC 2018 begins

For several months, a special national contest, “The Next Star”, has begun. The winner of this show will represent Israel in Eurovision Song Contest 2018. Let us remind you that the show is still in progress and that the remaining candidates are 8. Today, however, the submission of the songs has been officially launched for this year’s Israeli delegation.

The deposit  of the songs was announced by IPBC and began about two weeks before the final of «The Next Star». The Association of Composers from Authors and Publishers of Music is an Israeli organization with several members belonging to the above disciplines. So, an open announcement was made to them so that to  put songs for this year’s delegation. Knowing that the final of «The Next Star» will be on February 13, the composers have about two weeks to work on their songs.

The rules that should be followed by the composers in writing are as follows:

  • Songs should not last more than three minutes.
  • Each composer can deposit up to two songs.
  • Songs must be written in Hebrew, English, or a combination of the two languages.
  • The songs should not have been released before September 1.
  • Songs whose content will hurt Eurovision, EBU, Israel or IPBC are not allowed

Songs should be sent to by 10:00 on 19 February. The songs will be evaluated by a committee of several members consisted of  representatives of IPBC and the national broadcaster Keshet. The members of the committee will listen to the songs but will not know who their composers are.

Israel in last year’s Eurovision

Imri was last year’s Israeli represenantive with the song “I Fell Alive”. Unfortunately, Imri had not been able to impress Europe as he ranked 23rd place. But it is worth remembering his perfomance:


Fotis Kourouvanis

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