Israel: The 12 qualifiers after the 3rd round of “The Next Star 2018”.

Israel: The 12 qualifiers after the 3rd round of “The Next Star 2018”.

After this evening’s round of the The Next Star, which is Israel’s  national selection for Eurovision 2018, we have the final 12 qualifies for the 4th round of the selection. .

During the previous two rounds , we saw 16 out of 20 acts that had manage to pass in the 3rd round, competing in duels.

From each duel battle the artist that managed to win the biggest percentage of positive votes coming from the jury and the public qualified to the next round.

The jury consists of  Static & Ben-El TavoriKeren PelesHarel Skaat ,Assaf Amdursky. Additionally, like in the previous show, the singer-composer-DJ-model and actress Ninet Tayeb was a guest member of the jury.  Every YES coming from each member of the jury gives to the contestant an extra 8% of positive votes. The rest 60% is determined by the public audience.

In this evening’s show we saw four remaining artists battling for two spots in the fourth round. The two acts that qualified and will join the other 8 qualifiers were:

Jaki Gaforov «That’s What I Like» 52% – José Steinberg «El Perdón» 63%


Howie Danao «Take Me to Church» 56% – Gal Yaakobi «Mashehu mimeni» 36%

Apart from the 10 qualifiers , each one winner in his duel battle, two wildcards were given to two non qualifiers, giving them a second chance to continue in the next round. The 2 lucky artists were :

Rinat Bar

Adva Omer

The list of the 12 qualifying artists after Round 3 developed as following:

  1. Rinat Bar
  2. Riki Ben Ari
  3. Jonathan Mergui
  4. Netta Barzilai
  5. Ravit Batashvili
  6. Chen Aharoni
  7. Sarit Hativa
  8. Eden Meiri
  9. Shay & Gilad
  10. Adva Omer
  11. José Steinberg
  12. Howie Danao

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