The 3rd show in the second round of HaKokhav HaBa L’Eurovizion was broadcast yesterday, as the Israeli edition of  The Next Star and national selection format for Eurovision 2019 is unfolding every week. 

During the 2nd stage all the qualifiers from the auditions perform covers of known songs before the 4 member jury formed by: Assaf Amdursky, Harel Skaat – (Eurovision 2010), Keren Peles, Shiri Maimon – (Eurovision 2005) , Static & Ben El Tavori.  In order to qualify to the next round each participant should score 3 positive votes out of the 5 jury votes in order to have a chance to pass to the next round. At the end of each show the judges decide which 5 they will eventually send to the next stage of the competition.

A total of 9 candidates got on stage during the 19th show and 3rd show of the 2nd round of the competition, from which 7 acts managed to get the 3 valuable positive votes from the jury. Following the initial voting, the jury chose eventually  5 acts  from these 7 acts to move on the next stage of the competition. Lets go an see which 5 acts were those:

Ofri Halfon (100%)

Wanna Wanna (100%)

Shahaf (80%)

Liat Eliyahu (80%)

Kobi Marimi (80%)