Israel: The 7 acts that qualify to the Quarterfinal.

Israel:  The 7 acts that qualify to the Quarterfinal.

Yefi & Osher Aricha were the ones that left the show at the end of the latest episode.  A remaining total of seven acts is in the run for representing Israel in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest.

The list of acts still  in purchase of the first place are:

  1. Avia Shoshani
  2. Iki Levi & The Rasta Hebrew Men
  3. Nadav Gadj
  4. Nava Tehila Walker
  5. Orit Binsay
  6. Sa’ar “Rusty” Davidov
  7. Sari Nachmias

The rest of three shows will be aired only every Sunday so the upcoming schedule will be as following:

  • 1/2 – Quarterfinal
  • 8/2 – Semifinal
  • 15/2 – Final

However it remains unknown whether this procedure will determine only the act representing the country in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest and the song will be determined by another way or if both are going to be indicated by the end of  these shows.

Angelo D.

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