Israel : The government secures the 12 million euros guarantee for EBU

Israel : The government secures the 12 million euros guarantee for EBU

Just a day before the deadline the Israeli broadcaster,KAN,the government secured the 12 million euros, a condition imposed by EBU  for hosting next year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

The amount of 12 million euros was asked by EBU as a guarantee deposit to cover a sudden need of transfer of the contest in another host country. Although, initially, Benjamin Netanyahu, had refused to provide further financial support to KAN and asked the guarantee to be covered by the existing funds of the approved budget , eventually in front of the possible danger of losing the contest the government approved an extra loan of 12 million euros for this purpose.

Last week the Israeli broadcaster had warned the the Prime Minister and cabinet through a letter , the dangers of a denial for further subsidy to KAN and a potential loss of ESC hosting next year. The following month the such legislative action will be taken to secure the total amount for the needs of hosting Eurovision 2019.

It was in the case of Ukraine, back in 2017 that EBU had asked for the first time a guarantee by the host country, facing a number of delays and back and forwards in the preparations of ESC 2017. In the last edition of the contest Portugal wasn’t asked to deposit such guarantee.

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