Israel: “The Next Star 2018” reaches its final top ten.

Israel: “The Next Star 2018” reaches its final top ten.

Having reached the phase of 12 contestants, The Next Star, Israel’s national selection, concluded this evening in the final 10 competing artists.

During the previous show we watched 3 duels of  6 contestants battle to qualify to the next round. From each duel the artist with the highest score of positive votes coming from the audience and the jury qualified to the next phase. The Jury is formed by Static & Ben-El TavoriKeren PelesHarel Skaat and Assaf Amdursky. The three contestants that lost in their duel sang one more time and the two of these three with the highest score qualified to the next round.

In this night’s show the remaining 6 contestants (out of the initial number of 12) competed in the same way.

The 3 first artists that won in their duels and qualified were:

  • Adva Omer 83% – Sarit Hativa 53%
  • Netta Barzilai 73% – Eden Meiri 56%
  • Chen Aharoni 71% – Jonathan Mergui 62%

The 2 extra artists that qualified in the second competing phase of the night were:

  • Eden Meiri 80%
  • Jonathan Mergui 89%

You can watch all the competing performance on the Next Star’s official site.

Therefore after this qualifying round the final 10 Next Star contestants are:

  1. Rinar Bar
  2. Howie Danao
  3. José Steinberg
  4. Shay & Gilad
  5. Ravit Batashvili
  6. Adva Omer
  7. Netta Barzilai
  8. Chen Aharoni
  9. Eden Meiri
  10. Jonathan Mergui

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