In the previous 2nd show of the 4th round of HaKokhav HaBa L’Eurovizion the Israeli edition of The Next Star 2019, we saw the first 8 out of 11 remaining contestants perform on stage. In the 3rd show of the 4th round the competition went on with the rest 3 contestants.  

A total of 11 acts remain in the competition and got once more on stage to perform before the 4 member jury formed by: Assaf Amdursky, Harel Skaat – (Eurovision 2010), Keren Peles, Shiri Maimon – (Eurovision 2005) , Static & Ben El Tavori.  All judges in this 4th week can cast their votes idependently giving from 0 to  8points maximum.

In this third show the rest 3 acts got on stage to perform. These are their performance and the points they received:


Kobi Merimi – 70%

Katreyah – 86%

Tay – 64%

Osher Biton with 47% received the lowest points in this round of performances and was eliminated from the competition.Therefore the 10 acts that continune in the show are: 

  • Avraham de Carvalho
  • Katreyah 
  • Shalva Band
  • Daniel Barzilai
  • Kobi Merimi
  • Shefita 
  • Maya Buskila
  • Tay 
  • Daniel Mazuz
  • Ofri Halfon