Israel: The top 20 candidates determined on the HaKokhav HaBa L’Eurovizion show

Israel: The top 20 candidates determined on the HaKokhav HaBa L’Eurovizion show

The top 20 candidates of HaKokhav HaBa L’Eurovizion (The Next Star for Eurovision), the show through which Israel will determine its Eurovision 2020, have been selected. 

During the audition shows , the contestants performed covers of songs before the audience and a jury, having to reach 70% of the total votes in order to qualify to the next round. In the last 4 shows of the second round ( see here the previous lst show and 2rd&3rd show of the second round) the qualified acts performed well known songs before only a jury that decided which one to advance to the next round. The jury is made up by  Static & Ben-El TavoriKeren PelesShiri Maimon (Israel 2005) and Assaf Amdursky, while Harel Skaat (Israel 2010) was replaced by the singer Itay Levy.

With tonight’s show the last 5 qualifiers were decided, completing the group of 20 that move on to the next stage of the show and coming closer to represent Israel at Eurovision 2020. The last five acts of the 4th show  of the 2nd round were:

Nathan Ktorza

Linoy Akale

Eden Zohar Sivan

Loai Ali

Oneg Israel

Therefore the list of 20 acts that continue in the race for the next Israel representative are :

  1. Avihu Pinhasov Rhythm Club
  2. Dana Lapidot
  3. Dorel Saadon
  4. Eden Alene
  5. Eden Zohar Sivan
  6. Ella-Lee Lahav
  7. Gaya Shaki
  8. HaTavlinim
  9. Lali Kolishkin
  10. Linoy Akale
  11. Loai Ali
  12. Moran Aharoni
  13. Nathan Ktorza
  14. Nicki Goldstein
  15. Ohad Shragai
  16. Omer Eliyahu
  17. Oneg Israel
  18. Or Amrami-Brockman
  19. Or Eddie
  20. Raviv Kaner


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