Israel: Tonight the ‘HaShir HaBa L’Eurovizion’ song selection show

Israel: Tonight the ‘HaShir HaBa L’Eurovizion’ song selection show

The Israeli song selection ‘HaShir HaBa L’Eurovizion’ concludes tonight with a special broadcast to reveal Eden Alene’s Eurovision 2021 entry. 

The time has come for fans to find out the outcome of the  Israeli song selection ‘HaShir HaBa L’Eurovizion’ (Our song for Eurovision) and which song the Israeli hopeful Eden Alene will perform at Eurovision 2021 in May. 

At 20:15 CET the special broadcast of  ‘HaShir HaBa L’Eurovizion’ (Our song for Eurovision)  iis set to hit our screen revealing the results of the the online voting in which 3 candidate songs were running for Rotterdam. 

Although initial plan were  Eden  to perform live the songs, due to the ongoing covid-19 pandemic and opted for a simple presentation of the songs with their videos. 

The  three songs that are running for Eurovision 2021 and for which an online voting was held all the previous days through the Israeli broadcaster’s application are: 

  • UE LA LA

The live show will be hosted by ESC 2021 host Lucy Ayoub and you can wathc it 20: 15 CET on:  

News Source/image: KAN 

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