Israel’s first rehearsal

Israel’s first rehearsal

We will leave Europe for our next rehearsal, and we are going to Israel and Hovi Star. The act starts, and all you can see is a dark video wall. In the beginning, we can’t see Hovi, but after a while we see him standing in the center of the stage.

Hovi is wearing black clothes, a tight trousers, a long coat, a sprakling shoes and a shirt. As he revealed earlier in an interview, his clothes costs 25.000 Euro. His clothes are covered with Swarovski stones.

On stage with Hovi, we see 2 acrobats with a hula hoop which is golden at the begging and turns blue in the end. The dark stage is full of stars now (and the LED floor) and in the end we can see a golden waterfall.

Last but not least, Hovi’s voice is powerful!!! This song is a piece of cake for such a vocalist.





Stefanos Charpantidis

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