Italy: Laura Ciriaco disqualified from Sanremo Giovani Festival

Italy: Laura Ciriaco disqualified from Sanremo Giovani Festival

Just one day before the Saremo Giovani festival kicks off, the Italian broadcaster RAI announced today that Laura Ciriaco and her song L’inizio are disqualified from the festival.

According to Rai’s official announcement , Sanremo Giovani competing act Laura Ciriaco with the song L’ inizio is disqualified from the festival. The reason of disqualification was the way to many similarities her entry had with the song  I won’t give up, which is a song of  American artist, Jason Mraz. This is something the violates the rules about an original song presentation.  Laura’s song will be replaced by  Federico Angelucci’s entry, L’Uomo che verrà. 


Sanremo Giovani festival kicks off on December 17 , during which a total of 24 acts will compete in order to win one of the two tickets that lead to the Sanremo Festival. From December 17 till December 20 the Italian broadcaster will air 4 shows during which the acts will introduce themselves to the audience. Host of the show will be the Italian Eurovision 1988 representative  Luca Barbarossa 

The competing part of the festival will take place on December 21-22 and the shows will be hosted by  Pippo Baudo and Fabio Rovazzi. One act from each night will gain a spot in the Sanremo festival. During one of the two evenings the rest 22 Sanremo 2019 contestants will be unveiled. The results will be determined  40% be a music committee with  Claudio Baglioni being the jury’s leader, 30% by a experts committee with Luca Barbarossa leading this panel and  30% by public voting.

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