Italy 2018: First rehearsal for Fabrizio Moro & Ermal Meta

Italy 2018: First rehearsal for Fabrizio Moro & Ermal Meta

Next country from the Big 5 to rehearse their song for the first time is Italy with Fabrizio Moro and Ermal Meta. Arriving rather quietly in Lisbon , in comparison to last year’s Italian entry with Francesco Ghabbani, they have managed so far to maintain a notable 9th placing in the bookies’ betting board. Waiting to see if the winners of San Remo festival will manage to boost their entry to a higher position in the public’s opinion and bookies’ odds.

This year’s Italian entry  Non Mi Avete Fatto Niente (You have done nothing to me), is delivering a protesting message against terror and how it has changes our lives.

The performance starts in a red background while the two artists are dressed casually standing next to each other on stage. As the song continues multilingual lyrics are displayed on the screen with scattered pictures of their official video mingled among the lyrics.

At the bridge of the song the two acts split up and make the round of the stage through the two bridges of the stage meeting at the end  at the center of  it.The last lyrics are written in English.

Vocally both of them very good and synchronized conveying with there tone in a powerful way the message of the song. A rather warm applause in the press center.

Take a look at Italy’s first rehearsal:


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