Italy: Diodato releases his new emotional single “Un’altra estate”

Italy: Diodato releases his new emotional single “Un’altra estate”

Following his remarkable success with the song “Fai Rumore”, Diodato returns with a new emotional single composed during the time of lockdown in Italy. 

Last week we wathced during the alternative show “Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light” Diodato in a stunning performance of “Fai Rumore” in the empty Arena di Verona, the Italian act has released a new single titled “Un’altra estate”.  

Diodato’s new work is a warm emotional song that reflects all the feelings he experienced during the lockdown period when it was composed. The piece tells of a suspended normality and a changing everyday life, speaks of the rhythms of an almost asleep or in any case postponed life, of the sensations of those who look at life from a window looking for a how or a why in a new horizon. Diodato says about the song:

One of the things that impressed and intrigued me most in this lockdown period was what my window showed. Forced to stay at home, I let my gaze wander over the city landscape that glimmer painted. I have seen the last days of winter already telling the spring that would come, while in our hearts there remained a painful cold, a frost that still struggles to melt now. Nature went on despite our absence and thanks to it it regained its spaces, its scents. A powerful and at the same time motionless spring seemed to want to encourage us, almost to tease in a cruel way or perhaps just to show us the way to return with a different awareness.

The song was produced remotely, with the staff working between Milan and Rome, with the musicians connected through technological platforms.

Angelo D.

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