Italy: Diodato’s Eurovision 2020 entry “Fai Rumore” goes platinum!

Italy: Diodato’s Eurovision 2020  entry “Fai Rumore” goes platinum!

Italy is facing without doubt one of its biggest crisis since the 2nd World War, with the country locked down from side to site due to the coronavirus outbreak. However, the Italians attempting to lift up their spirit are making noise in the streets with favorite Italian songs, among which is Diodato’s “Fai Rumore” which meanwhile has gone platinum. 

Diodato won this year’s Sanremo festival with his song “Fai rumore” and is represeting Italy at the 65th Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam. The song written by himself and Edwyn Roberts, it is included in his latest album Che vita meravigilosa.

The song has gone platinum meaning it has exceeded 70,000 streams and sales via on iTunes and Spotify, among other platforms. Addtionally, it features many countries’ charts. While Italy is the bookies’ 6th favorite to win the contest , Diodato’s entry has entered the charts in Switzerland (#36) and in Croatia (#66) and has reached 10th place on Spotify.

Here are the overall performance of the Italian Eurovision entry so far on charts and some platforms

#1 Italy
#36 Switzerland
#66 Croatia


#10 Italy


#3 Italy


#5 Italy
#163 Switzerland

Apple Music:

#3 Italy
#67 Malta

A few words about Diodato

Diodato (born Antonio Diodato, 30 August 1981) is an Italian singer-songwriter. He has released two studio albums, E forse sono pazzo  and A ritrovar bellezza . In 2014 he participated in the Sanremo Music Festival and won the MTV Italian Music Awards for Best New Generation, The Deezer Band Of The Year Award and the Fabrizio de André Award. he won this year’s Sanremo festival on his thrid participation in the competion.

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