Italy: Francesco’s video of «Occidentali’s Karma» hits over 10 million YouTube Views.

Italy: Francesco’s video of «Occidentali’s Karma» hits over 10 million YouTube Views.

It hasn’t been over 6 days since Francesco Gabbani won the Sanremo Festival with his entry Occidentali’s Karma and its impulse all over Europe is growing huge.

While Italian euro fans are arguing on whether the message of Francesco’s video is clear to the public or is considered just another “amusing” entry for the Eurovision Song Contest, the number of views on YouTube are really impressive. The official clip of the song  Occidentali’s Karma, Italy’s entry for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Kiev, has reached a number over 10 million views in six days from its official release on YouTube. The same time Italy is first on the betting boards predicting the potential winner of the contest  next May. 

This year Italy’s entry has already entered the i-tunes charts  in 15 countries. Ιtaly (#1), Μalta (#3), Switzerland (#4), Luxembourg, Greece, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Belgium, Germany, Norway, France, Ιreland, Αυstria and Denmark. In Italy of course it’s already No1 on all charts (spotify, airplay κλπ). In the U.K despite the fact that it hasn’t entered the charts yet, Metro’s newspaper interest on a Eurovision entry, a development that is often on British tabloids, is another indication of how popular this year’s Italy’s Eurovision entry is turning out to be.

On Saturday morning , just before the Sanremo Final the video didn’t have more than 500.000 views on the YouTube.It took it only 3 days to reach the extraordinary number of 10 million views, maintaining a trend of increasing further. One day after Francisco’s victory his video was in the 11th place of the most viewed worldwide, while on Monday 13/2 it reached 4th place.


Vevo declared today Francesco’s video as the most watched Italian video on the YouTube with 4.353.802

Though Francesco Gabbani  had announced that his new album will be released after the Sanremo Festival, according to his updated announcement such development is postponed for the middle of April, a few days before leaving for Kiev.

Watch  the following video  Francesco Gabbani teaching  Occidentali’s Karma chorography to the journalists covering the Sanremo Festival at  Teatro Ariston:

If you haven’t viewed yet Occidentali’s Karma video take a look to it below :

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