Who said that Sanremo Festival doesn’t have a little piece of its own drama. Maybe the previous years the reactions on the final outcome of the festival weren’t so intense, but this year the reactions are ongoing in many ways.

Following Ultimo’s statement that he considers not acceptable to be judged as an artist by journalists and the Minister of Financial Development  asking the voting system to be based only on televoting, came Il Volo’s response on hard offensive criticism by a part of the press. 

The operatic trio posted on their official social media Facebook and Instagram account the following announcement:

We needed some days to get lucid in order to say our story of what happened. Some journalists (and it is good to say only a few) have attacked us badly. They used words like “shit,” “f …,” “in jail,” which we see as a result of a real form of intimidation, and attempt to drive us out of the stadium. These people do not honor the profession they represent, their attitude was an insult to us, and to all their fellow journalists working in a serious and professional manner. In 10 years, we have received a lot of criticism about our music, on the kind of music we sing, we have been accused of being arrogant and affectionate.

And their announcement continues:

We have never cared about all of this, also because, fortunately, we have fans who support us daily and love what we do. But when we see the videos that bear witness to the evil and the lack of humanity by people who could be our parents (many of them our grandparents), it bothers us a lot. It bothers us cause every artist must have his own space to express himself musically. To call “shit” or to see someone shout “go to jail” simply because we do what we want to do in life is  great disrespect for us, but above all for freedom of expression. Music must be freedom, not a reason to offend!

Piero Barone, ο Ignazio Boschetto, ο Gianluca Ginoble of Il Volo.

Meanwhile the popular trio mad a photo for a cover of a magazine alongside this year’s winner, Mahmood, showing this way that they repsect and accepted the festival’s outcome.

We remind you that Il Volo participated in this year’s Sanremo festival with their song Musica che resta, which was placed 2nd in the televoting while it received a very low score by the juries (11%) making them finish third in the overall results in the superfinal round . Lets remember their entry in Sanremo 2019: