Italy: Jalisse embarks on a new musical journey with the song “Ora”

Italy: Jalisse embarks on a new musical journey with the song “Ora”

Jalisse , the duo that represented Italy back in Eurovision 1997 have released the music video for their latest single OraAlessandra Drusian and Fabio Ricci,  known as Jalisse, has released the official music video for their song Ora (“Now”).

It has been 21 years  since their Eurovision 1997 participation with Fiumi di parole and despite the ups and downs in their artistic journey, the married couple, not only managed to survive in such a competitive and radically changing music industry but established themselves in the Italian music scene.

Ora,  was written by Alessandra and Fabio themselves, and is a song that reflects their personal way in the musical business and the path of efforts and endurance they followed up to the point success met them.

The music video of the song was directed by Marko Carbone and was filmed  in Amsterdam and on the island Vlieland in the Netherlands, where Jalisse recently took part in  J’aime la Vlie , a local Eurovision-themed event

Jalisse these days are working on a new album and their song Ora seems to be the opening mark of a new age in their career with new and fresh musical elements.

Jalisse so far

Jalisse was formed by Alessandra Drusian and Fabio Ricci. Alessandra, with her powerful vocal skills appeared initially in several bands and shows, while Fabio made his debut with the band Vox Populi. The two of them met back in 1990 in Rome and from 1992 start working together. Only 2 years after they formed Jalisse. The married couple has two daughters together, Angelica and Aurora.

The name of the duo refers to a character from the TV serial  The Cosby Show (I Robinson in Italian). However the same time the name seems to be related to the Arabic word “jalasa”, meaning “to sit down and listen”, Jalis or Jalisa being a “companion who recounts stories and makes music”.

Their Eurovision Story

In 1997, Jalisse represented Italy in the Eurovision Song Contest in the host city of Dublin in Ireland with their entry Fiumi di parole  (“Rivers of words”)Fiumi di parole is a dynamic and meaningful  ballad song. It speaks of two lovers that can’t find a point of understanding each other as they are separated by rivers of words.

Italy had withdrawn from the contest since 1993 and made a come back that year.

However in order Jalisse to reach the Eurovision stage they had to win  the  Sanremo Music Festival with their ballad , leaving behind great Italian acts such as Loredana Bertè (sister of the legendary singer Mia Martini, Eurovision 1977 and 1992), Al Bano (Eurovision 1976 and 1985 with Romina Power) Italian-Albanian star Anna Oxa (born Iliriana Hoxha, Eurovision 1989 alongside Fausto Leali),  and Toto Cutugno (Eurovision 1990 winner).

Jalisse’s Fiumi di parole eventually achieved an honorable 4th place, receiving 114 points. However, the Italian broadcaster RAI decided to withdraw once more from Eurovision, to return again in 2011.

For more information concerning Jalisse and their upcoming events, you can always take a look at their official websiteFacebook-page and Twitter.


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