Italy: Listen to Francesco Gabbani’s new single ‘Il Sudore Ci Appiccica’

Italy: Listen to Francesco Gabbani’s new single ‘Il Sudore Ci Appiccica’

Following his Sanremo 2020 participation with the entry “Viceversa“ , Francesco is now back with his new single titled  Il Sudore Ci Appiccica (The sweat sticks us).

The Italian Eurovision 2017 representative , Francesco Gabbani, has released his  new single ‘Il Sudore Ci Appiccica’, a song with an engaging  and slightly vintage sound , which recalls the dynamism of disco-music.

The message behind the lyrics of the song, is a guidline against individualism. In times were the the world is enforcing physical distancing to combat the covid-19 spread, Francesco comes and reminds us the importance of the souls to come closer. In his song ‘sweat’ becomes the super glue against the current physical distancing that ‘sticks’people together.

The song is in accordance to the message of sharing that Francesco’s latest albumViceversa” delivers against individualism. Along with the song the Italian act released its official music video:

The song is also availiable on streaming platforms :


Apple Music

Francesco Gabbani in Eurovision

In 2017 Francesco earned the right to represent Italy at Eurovision 2017 , in Kiev, after winning the Sanremo Festival with his entry Occidentali’s Karma . The song met massive success with the Youtube views hitting high numbers and the Italian act being the bookies favorite to win the contest. Eventually Francesco came 6th in the Grand final with 334 points.

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