Italy: Listen to the Sanremo Giovani 2019 competing entries

Italy: Listen to the Sanremo Giovani 2019 competing entries

The 24 participating entries of Sanremo Giovani festival went public today, just 10 days before the shows begin. 

The artisitc director of the festival Claudio Baglioni released the list with the finalists in the San Remo Giovani category, who will compete from 17  till 21 December . The two first winners of the shows on 20 and 21 December will have the right to compete in the San Remo festival with a new entry next February.

The final list consists of 18 acts that were selected by Music Committee which consisted of artistic director of the festival and deputy director in RAI1  Claudio Baglioni, producer Massimo Giuliano, director and author Massimo Martelli, TV director Duccio Forzano, and the internationally recognised music producer Geoff Westley. Another Six acts out of 24 were selected from the Area San Remo academy.

These are the entries in the upcoming Sanremo Giovani:

  1. Federica Abbate – Finalmente
  2. Andrea Biagioni – Alba piena
  3. Cannella – Nei miei ricordi
  4. Laura Ciriaco – L’inizio
  5. Diego Conti – 3 gradi
  6. Cordio – La nostra vita
  7. Fosco17 – Dicembre
  8. La Rua – Alla mia età si vola
  9. La Zero – Nina è brava
  10. Le Ore – La mia felpa è come me
  11. Mahmood – Gioventù bruciataq
  12. Marte Marasco – Nella mia testa
  13. Giulia Mutti – Almeno tre
  14. Nyvinne – Io ti penso
  15. Einar Ortiz – Centomila volte
  16. Ros – Incendio
  17. Symo – Paura di amare
  18. Wepro – Stop/Replay
  19. Deschema – Cristallo
  20. Fedrix & Flaw – L’impresa
  21. Mescalina – Chiamami amore adesso
  22. Francesca Miola – Amarsi non serve
  23. Roberto Saita – Niwrad
  24. Sisma – Slow motion

You can also listen to the 24 competing songs of Sanemo Giovani festival here 

Before the two live events, a total of  four tv shows will take place in order to introduce the participant to the audience and will be hosted by Luca Barbarossa. The San Remo Giovani shows will be presented by  Pippo Baudo and Fabio Rovazzi. The two winning spots of the festival will be decided by a music committee by 40% , a TV jury assinged by RAI’s Director by 30% and televoting by 30%. The two winners will fill in two competing spots in the San Remo festival next February with a new entry and claim the right to represent Italy in Eurovision 2019. 

In this year’s Eurovision Song Contest the winners of Sanremo 2018 ,Ermal Meta and Fabrizio Moro, represented Italy in Eurovision in Lisbon with their song “Non mi avete fatto niente”. The Italian duo achieved an honorable 5th place in the Grand final with 308 points and a remarkable 3rd placing in the public voting.

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