Italy: Mahmood confirms his Eurovision 2019 participation

Italy: Mahmood confirms his Eurovision 2019 participation

Mahmood eventually confirmed that he will be parcipating  in Eurovision 2019 next May in Tel Aviv. 

The winner of  Sanremo 2019, Mahmood, had stated during the winner’s press conference in Sanremo that he will represent Italy in Tel Aviv. Following this first statement, he expressed to several media outlets his second thoughts on the issus and that he had to look over the whole project alongside with the Italian broadcaster, RAI. 

Eventually today the act through his personal  Facebook account confirmed his Eurovision 2019 participation with his winning song “Soldi” (Money).

According to Mahmood, the story behind “Soldi” is related to his father and the relationship they had. The artist was born in Milano by a mother from Sardinia and his father from Egypt. However his father was abscent from his life since the age of six. 

The song’s length so far passes the permitted duration of 3 minutes so Mahmood will have to adjust it to the Eurovision regulations that allow the duration to be up to 3 minutes long

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